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NEW—EGO XL Lightweight Rubber Landing Net

EGOXLarge_Rubber_71006Adventure Products introduced the EGO XLarge lightweight rubber landing net to the sport fishing market in June of 2009. The product was designed primarily to meet the demands of both professional and recreational striper (striped bass) fishermen wanting a landing net that offered superior functionality and quality at a reasonable price. Historically, rubber mesh nets of the EGO XLarge size have been extremely heavy and cumbersome to use and therefore not very popular. However, with the introduction of the lightweight rubber mesh the product now weighs only 3 lbs and offers the advantages of reduced hooks snags and a fish friendly mesh for catch and release anglers. Also, in the off chance that the net is dropped overboard in the excitement of landing the trophy catch, it has been designed to float for easy retrieval.

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  2. David M. Clunk
    07/28 2010

    Dear Sirs,

    I have been looking for a dealer in my area that handles the EGO XLarge Rubber landing net. ( the net that weighs 3.5#, per your website) I live in Ada, Michigan. (a suburb of Grand Rapids) If there is no dealer nearby (within 10-15 miles) how can I order one from you? I looked at your on-line ordering & found other nets, but not the XLarge I am considering buying to use in my Hyde drift boat for Salmon & Steelhead. What is the product model number? If I had that maybe I could find it on Amazon???

    Thank you,
    David M. Clunk
    Ada, Michigan

  3. 08/11 2010


    My apologies for not responding sooner. Your original message did not make through to our email system and I just received a notification of a pending message today. I’ve looked to see if we have any dealers that are close to your area that carry the EGO Xlarge rubber landing net item# 71006. The reason you can’t find it anywhere online is due to its size. Shipping costs for one net usual cost approx. $85.00 via UPS or FedEx due to its oversize dimensions. At this time, I am guessing you’ve already made a purchase but if you are still interested the one other option is to order directly from us and have the net shipped via Greyhound. The shipping with Greyhound is $46.00.

    Please let me know how you wish to proceed and we will get it taken care of for you.

    Best Regards,

    Grant Corbett
    Sales Manager
    Adventure Products, Inc.

  4. 10/5 2010

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  5. 10/14 2010

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  6. 10/21 2010

    I have to hear just what Elton thinks with that!?!


  7. 10/21 2010

    Hey Hannah, whatever man!!!

    Best regards

  8. 10/21 2010

    Great writing! I wish you could follow up on this topic?